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We take you through the steps you need to take to reach your goal


Galahad.cloud is a simple to use website designed to help you achieve your goals.

Man writing some notes


Galahad.cloud helps by ensuring you:

  • Clearly define what it is you are trying to achieve
  • Describe how it is to be achieved
  • Define the benefits that are expected when your Goal has been reached
  • List any resources that will be needed
  • Think about the risks, "nothing in life is risk free". What could go wrong? If it does, what will be the best action to take.
  • Decide when to start on your path to achieving your goal
  • By when it is to be achieved. Remember the famous adage "Rome was not built in a day", so be realistic.

Team members working at a table


To achieve your goal something is going to have to happen and this will involve a variety of activities. Galahad.cloud enables you to:

  • Record each activity
  • Detail anything that needs to be done before it is started
  • Any special instructions
  • What resources will be required
  • Sort the activities into a logical order
  • Specify how long it will take to complete
  • When to start
  • Who is to responsible for completing the activity

Photographer looking at his final proof, a lovely photograph of an estuary

The Finishing Line

To be successful you need to:

  • Delegate whenever possible, allocating tasks to others gives you more time to do what you are best at
  • Ensure you know who is doing what when
  • Prioritize, decide what is important and what is not

The Galahad.cloud includes a diary to enable you to quickly check if everything is going to plan. If not, you can quickly adjust / reschedule as required.


Here are some simple rules to help you set achievable goals.


Describe exactly what is to be achieved. It is important to understand that when any goal is reached something will have changed. It may be you have an extra qualification, a new kitchen or moved to a new office.


Describe in detail the changes that are expected so that you can measure when your goal has been reached.


Can you physically achieve your goal? What new skills will you need to learn? Do you have sufficient funds, resources, skill set and time?


Step back, discuss your goal with trusted friends, family or colleagues. Is the goal you are setting yourself really relevant. Describe the benefits, who will actually benefit and are they really worth the effort required?


Are you being realistic? It may be achievable but what is the cost, could your time and effort be better spent elsewhere? Galahad.cloud includes an Eisenhower Priority Matrix to help you work out where to put your efforts.


You need a clearly defined timeline. Establish how long it will take, set your start and finish dates. Are you allowing enough time? Too much time can result in loss of focus and becoming distracted by other activities. Build in a degree of urgency but not so much, as to make it stressful. It is a fine balance which you need to get right.


Before you start, ask others who have been down the same, or similar path, for their experiences and any advice. There may be some shortcuts or pitfalls that you are not aware of.


GALAHAD, a simple action planning / micro project management method.

Set your Goal

By clearly defining what it is you are trying to achieve will help you find the correct path to take to achieve that goal. Remember all goals should be SMARRT goals.


Identify the activities that need to be completed to achieve your goal. You need to include all activities, including checking other people's work and any essential gaps (e.g. waiting for paint / plaster to dry).

Logical Order

There may be several ways in which you can achieve your goal. You will have to consider the key factors of cost, available resources and time. Once you have decided on your path, put the activities into a logical order.


Your time is limited so if you can assign delegate work to others it leaves you more time to do things you need to do.

How Long

How long is each activity going to take to complete? Be realistic, consider what might go wrong, re-check all delivery schedules.


You are now ready to start by allocating the activities to those you have previously assigned to each one.


With any project, however small, a key element is the scheduling, Galahad makes it easy to diarise each activity so that you can monitor progress.

The PerformWork ToolKit

The Toolkit consists of a range of websites that have been designed to make your life easier
The Toolkit consists of Galahad.cloud and the websites detailed below


"A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" Use GoalMaps.co to visualize the path to reaching your goal.

What is goal mapping?

Whether in business, or in our personal life, we frequently set ourselves goals.

Goal mapping is simply the process of documenting the things that have to happen to enable us to reach that goal. Yes, you can do it on a piece of paper or use a diary. But the GoalMaps.co website is designed to enable you to both store and visualise the route you have chosen to achieve your goals.

Use GoalMaps.co to visualise your path to your goal and Galahad.cloud to manage the activities required to achieve your goal.

Unlike a piece of paper or diary, the GoalMaps.co website makes it easy to edit your route, add notes, links and pictures.

Multiple Maps - You can store several maps e.g.:

  • One covering your professional development path (you might want to share with your mentor, a trusted colleague or even your manager.)
  • One for your personal aspirations.
  • Another might cover financial or pension planning.

Presentation Tool - As well as goal mapping, GoalMaps.co can be used to quickly create impressive presentations.

Share Your Maps - You can share your maps with anyone with internet access, wherever they are in the world.

Upsizing - If your micro project or goal looks like it is going to become a small project you can use PerformWork.com to manage it without having to re-enter any data. See- upsizing


Effectively managing small projects is never easy but PerformWork.com makes it easier by walking you through all the key stages of managing your project.

Whether your project is

Business Domestic
Personal Social

PerformWork.com will help you successfully complete your project by:

  • Providing guides to make it easier to check you have gathered all the necessary information
  • Generate reports that show you what is happening and what to do next
  • Keeping the information relating to your project in one place
  • And most importantly, helps you avoid "That's not what I said I wanted!"

Galahad.cloud is for micro projects whilst PerformWork.com is for small projects.

Key Features Include

  • Simple Approach
  • Budgeting
  • Priority [MoSCoW]
  • Planning
  • Milestones
  • Work Packages [Who Does What]
  • Risk Register
  • Change Requests
  • Gantt Charts
  • Library & Glossary
  • To Do Lists [Daily Log]
  • Project Website
  • Lessons Learned Log


This website contains a couple of simple tools to help you prioritize your projects, tasks and goals.


You can try all 4 websites free for 21 days.
After 21 days you will be asked to pay a monthly subscription which will entitle you to use all 4 PerformWork ToolKit websites.

First 21 Days are Free

Free trial - All sites.

Standard Subscription

£7 per calendar month - Includes access to all sites.

Student Subscription

We offer a reduced subscription of £2.50 per calendar month for those in further education. They must register with and always use the official academic email address assigned to them by their college / university as their login. If you want to use a personal email address you will have to pay the standard subscription.